Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Age

This new layout triggers me to write, even though i have nothing on my mind to spill out. Tomorrow is Aidiladha. Wow! Time really skates like Tony Hawk. Salam Aidiladha to Muslims worldwide. I'm happy to be home, in Ipoh. KL makes me sick, literally SICK; headache, cramps, asthma, etc. But there's one problem with me; I tend to spend my time home giving all the attention to this screen. I thought I was listening to the rain when it's actually the air-cond making buzzy noise. I'm planning to jot down something nice tonight; good, memorable words. Let's see if my plan works. But I need to run down and get some lemang first ;p. Please excuse my improper route of writing.

"Kewarasan ini penat dipaksa timbul, menghalang ruang bagi pelali. Sampai bila mampu begini? Tak sanggup-ku abadi kerana terdera sudah segala emosi."